The new series of weed trimmer LOP for biological and organic farming consists of 2 models with cutting width from 3 to 12 meters.

Each weed trimmer machine for organic farming of the LOP series is ideal for all seed crops and for the containment of weeds in organic farming where it is not possible to intervene chemically, but only mechanically.

Among the organic farming where Meneguzzo blade trimmers can be used successfully, there are organic soy, organic wheat and organic lentils, etc …

We have successfully exported different models of trimmer in France, Germany, Austria and Canada where the philosophy of organic farming is widespread, and we have significant positive results both from organic soy farmers specialist operators in other areas of organic farming.

Our machinery and equipment are CE approved for marketing and use in the European Union.

The new modular model

The LOP 65/90/120 weed trimmer is a high-end machine with the characteristic of having a modular cutter bar.

In the modular LOP 65/90/120 weed trimmer the standard cutter bar is 6.5 meters, but can be extended to 9 meters to a maximum of 12 meters using special modules to be purchased as optional expansions.

Modular weed trimmer for organic farming