The new modular LOP 65/90/120 trimming machine is born

MENEGUZZO s.r.l. has created this modular trimming machine that comes with a 6.5 m starting cutter bar, but that can be increased to 9 mt. and then at 12 mt. with appropriate appendices.

“We have created this updatable model,” says the owner Sergio Meneguzzo, “thinking of our customers who can buy this equipment at a reasonable cost with a decent size, but which can then increase it over time without further large investments by buying only segments of the cutter bar to arrive at much more important measures and double the productivity of the machine “.

The advantages of the new LOP 65/90/120 trimmer

The modular trimmer LOP 65/90/120 by MENEGUZZO s.r.l. has all the credentials to enter the world of organic farming because it has a very interesting basic cost and its expandability makes it potentially a unique tool of its kind.

The advantages of this project also extend to the company MENEGUZZO s.r.l. which can develop interchangeable expansion modules of various sizes, reducing warehouse costs and delivery times. This increased flexibility makes MENEGUZZO s.r.l. very competitive on the market and a safe partner for farmers especially for those who practice organic farming.