Our experience comes on the field

Meneguzzo Ltd. is a small family company that was established in the heart of Northern Italy less than 20 km from Bologna. All agricultural machines are conceived and designed internally, handcrafted piece by piece and are intended to satisfy vertical market to satisfy various activities in agricultural field.

Agricultural machines of Meneguzzo are fully automatic and semiautomatic, produced for the topping of weeds in organic farming, sowing and harvesting of food products and the treatment of seed plants.

Our experience is born in the fields where we verify the consistency of our ideas and the functionality of our solutions.

Specific agricultural machines

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  • MENEGUZZO will be exhibiting at SANATECH 2021

    Sanatech is a professional exhibition dedicated to the organic and sustainable agri-food production industry. As a company manufacturing organic farming equipment it’s natural for us to participate, but there’s more! Technological and sustainable [...]

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Modular weed trimmer 65/90/120
Grain and seed bagging machine

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